class csdmpy.LinearDimension(count, increment, complex_fft=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: csdmpy.dimensions.quantitative.BaseQuantitativeDimension

LinearDimension class.

Generates an object representing a physical dimension whose coordinates are uniformly sampled along a grid dimension. See LinearDimension for details.

property absolute_coordinates

Return the absolute coordinates along the dimensions.

property axis_label

Return a formatted string for displaying label along the dimension axis.

property complex_fft

If True, orders the coordinates according to FFT output order.

property coordinates

Return the coordinates along the dimensions.

property coords

Alias for the coordinates attribute.


Return a copy of the object.

property count

Total number of points along the linear dimension.

property data_structure

Json serialized string describing the LinearDimension class instance.


Return the LinearDimension as a python dictionary.

property increment

Increment along the linear dimension.


Return reciprocal coordinates assuming Nyquist-shannan theorem.


Return reciprocal increment assuming Nyquist-shannan theorem.


Alias to the dict() method of the class.

property type

Return the type of the dimension.