Source code for csdmpy.dimension.labeled

"""The Labeled Dimension sub type class."""
import numpy as np

from .base import _copy_core_metadata
from .base import BaseDimension
from .base import check_count

__author__ = "Deepansh J. Srivastava"
__email__ = ""
__all__ = ["LabeledDimension"]

[docs]class LabeledDimension(BaseDimension): """A labeled dimension. Generates an object representing a non-physical dimension whose coordinates are labels. See :ref:`labeledDimension_uml` for details. """ __slots__ = ("_count", "_labels") _type = "labeled" def __init__(self, labels, label="", description="", application=None, **kwargs): """Instantiate a LabeledDimension class.""" super().__init__(label, application, description) self.labels = labels def __repr__(self): content = [f"{k}={v}" for k, v in self.dict().items() if k != "type"] properties = ", ".join(content) return f"LabeledDimension({properties})" def __str__(self): return f"LabeledDimension({self.coordinates.__str__()})" def __eq__(self, other): other = other.subtype if hasattr(other, "subtype") else other if not isinstance(other, LabeledDimension): return False check = [ self._count == other._count, np.all(self._labels == other._labels), super().__eq__(other), ] return np.all(check)
[docs] def is_quantitative(self): """Return `True`, if the dimension is quantitative, otherwise `False`. :returns: A Boolean. """ return False
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # # Attributes # # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # @property def type(self): """Return the type of the dimension.""" return self.__class__._type @property def count(self): """Total number of labels along the dimension.""" return self._count @count.setter def count(self, value): self._count = check_count(value, self._count, "labeled") @property def labels(self): """Return a list of labels along the dimension.""" return self._labels @labels.setter def labels(self, labels): if not isinstance(labels, list): raise ValueError(f"A list of labels is required, found {type(labels)}.") items = np.asarray([isinstance(item, str) for item in labels]) if np.all(items): self._labels = np.asarray(labels) self._count = self._labels.size return i = np.where(items == 0)[0][0] name = labels[i].__class__.__name__ raise ValueError( f"A list of string labels are required, found {name} at index {i}." ) @property def coordinates(self): """Return the coordinates along the dimensions. This is an alias for labels.""" return self.labels[: self._count] @coordinates.setter def coordinates(self, value): self.labels = value # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # # Methods # # ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #
[docs] def copy_metadata(self, obj): """Copy LabeledDimension metadata.""" obj = obj.subtype if hasattr(obj, "subtype") else obj if isinstance(obj, LabeledDimension): _copy_core_metadata(self, obj, "labeled")
[docs] def dict(self): """Return the LabeledDimension as a python dictionary.""" dictionary = {} dictionary["type"] = self.__class__._type dictionary["labels"] = self._labels.tolist() dictionary.update(super().dict()) return dictionary