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The csdmpy package is the Python support for the core scientific dataset (CSD) model file exchange-format 1. The package is based on the core scientific dataset (CSD) model, which is designed as a building block in the development of a more sophisticated portable scientific dataset file standard. The CSD model is capable of handling a wide variety of scientific datasets both within and across disciplinary fields.

The main objective of this python package is to facilitate an easy import and export of the CSD model serialized files for Python users. The package utilizes Numpy library and, therefore, offers the end-users versatility to process or visualize the imported datasets with any third-party package(s) compatible with Numpy.

View the core scientific dataset model (CSDM) examples gallery.


Tutorial on generating and serializing CSDM objects from Numpy arrays.


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Srivastava D.J., Vosegaard T., Massiot D., Grandinetti P.J. (2020) Core Scientific Dataset Model: A lightweight and portable model and file format for multi-dimensional scientific data. PLOS ONE 15(1): e0225953.

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